In this episode podcast host Stephen Wood and adventure paramedic Mike Hudson talk about Mike's experience as a paramedic and lead safety specialist for the Discovery channel's Shark Week production team.

Steve and Mike talk about Mike's background as both a paramedic and diver and how he brought this experience to develop a unique opportunity as the lead dive safety and remote medical specialist for the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, as well as other production teams. Mike talks about how he prepares for these very challenging programs, including working in very remote and resource-limited areas.

Steve and Mike discuss equipment needs and dealing with local governments and medical systems, which can be very challenging. They discuss practising within the appropriate scope of practice as well as resources that are available to remote teams, like the DAN network. Mike regales several stories of crocodile and shark attacks and lessons learned from these critical events.


Mike Hudson Bio:

Mike Hudson is a Colorado native and nationally registered Paramedic with over 25 years on the streets. Mike is a former Navy Hospital Corpsman, San Diego City EMT-P, Denver City and County Paramedic, and Rocky Mountain flight medic. Mike currently works as a street-level MICP and EMS educator in central New Jersey. In the winter, Mike works for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week production teams as their lead dive safety & remote medical specialist. During the summer, Mike commands two municipal USLA certified ocean and swift water lifeguard programs for separate coastal towns along the Jersey Shore. He also serves as the supervising ocean rescue specialist for a nationally recognized combination fire department/lifeguard aquatic rescue response team; SRT 43-88, serving the entire north shore of Monmouth County and the waterways that lead to NYC.  For more information about Sea Bright Ocean Rescue please go to


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