In this episode, WEM Founder Mark Hannaford is joined by WEM Conference Speaker, HEMS Doctor and former Paramedic Mike Christian. 


Mike tells us how he took the leap from working as a Paramedic in Canada, and fuelled by curiosity, decided to go back to University to train as a Doctor. Following his graduation, his interest in infectious diseases and the emerging SARS outbreak led him to further Critical Care Training and an Infectious Diseases Fellowship. This launched him down a path that has included time in the Canadian Military and as part of the London Air Ambulance team as a HEMS Physician. 


Alongside Mark, Mike considers some of the best lessons he took from his earlier training and has kept with him even today - from building rapport with patients, to being resourceful in front-line environments and the power of asking good questions. 


Mike also offers some advice to those wishing to pursue similarly unique careers paths to his own; from taking risks and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to utilising your 'imposter syndrome' to drive you to be a better clinician. He reminds us that our work is a mix of our success, but also our failures - and highlights his own 'rejection CV' and the closed doors that have led him to even more interesting places.





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Watch 'The Silent Pandemic' WEM Academy Live session featuring Mike here >

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