Stone Cold Truths 1

“We imagine that people are out skiing and climbing, when actually the majority of people that get caught out in these really could environments is simply because they’re vehicle breaks down, or they have another concurrent illness, or they’re drunk” – Sean Hudson

In this *NEW* podcast episode, we’re joined by ENP Ben Cooper and Dr Sean Hudson. Alongside WEM Trauma Lead Eoin Walker, Ben and Sean discuss all things #hypothermia.

The trio discuss environmental pre-disposing factors and ‘red flag’ medical pre-disposing factors such as endocrine dysfunctions, neuropathy and psychiatric diseases. Ben and Sean also examine how to best manage these factors on expeditions where hypothermia is a significant threat.  

Sean and Ben also talk about cold water immersion, frost nip/bite and how to manage it. They account for what they have learnt through their personal experiences from a self-care perspective.

Give this session a listen for some great insight and a couple of laughs!

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