In this episode Emergency Department Physician, mountaineer, wing suit pilot and documentary film maker Glenn Singleman joins us to discuss his career, as both a medic and extreme sportsman. 

Alongside WEM Education Lead Will Duffin, they discuss access to the 'flow state', exploring how when faced with high risk situations, people find they can tap into a level of enhanced performance to allow us to exceed beyond our limits. Glenn considers how some of the extreme sports he's undertaken have allowed him instant access into this state, meaning he is fully immersed in the challenge ahead and is able to silence his inner critic. Glenn explores how this state can be transferred to the clinical frontline. 

The pair also consider the evolution of extreme sports and how base-jumping, sky-diving and canyoning are not just irresponsible risk taking, but in fact grounded in research, a trust in the equipment available and the result of hard-core training - and how these principles can be utilised to give courage to those working amid this pandemic. 

Glenn also contemplates how extreme sport has made him more resilient, self-efficient, appropriately confident and essentially, given him a sense of what true courage is. 


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