Adapted from the hugely popular WEM Academy Live Session #23, this episode revisits the Military Medicine Careers Panel hosted by WEM Education Lead Will Duffin. Will was joined by three medics each representing a different branch of the military; Major Nat Taylor (Army), Alex Bamford (Royal Navy) and Cat Davison (Royal Air Force). 

The panellists take us through each of their hugely rich and varied careers, from deployments in Artic conditions and scorching deserts to crossing America on motorbikes and surviving in the jungle, completely unsupported, for weeks at a time. 

Then they tackle some of the big questions from you - from the types of experiences and skills needed for your application, the importance of good health (both physical and mental), how their careers have prepared them for difficult situations such as the pandemic, and the key piece of advice they'd give their younger selves...



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