"Just when we think we've reached the limit of human endurance, someone shatters the records" (Lewis Hugh).    Super-human Sarah Thomas joins us this ...View Details

For this week's episode, we are going global once again to visit remote medic Lucille Chauveau on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia.  Alongside...View Details

‘We are never entirely lost, but we can always know where we are better’.  Tristan Gooley, a.k.a. 'The Natural Navigator' joins WEM Education Lead Wil...View Details

In this episode, WEM Founder Mark Hannaford is joined by WEM Conference Speaker, HEMS Doctor and former Paramedic Mike Christian.    Mike tells us how...View Details

‘If one has support, drive and determination, a debilitating injury should not stop you from reaching your goals'.   In this episode, Will chats to Ma...View Details

Thriving Vs Surviving

Thriving Vs Surviving Join us to hear from Dan Richards an ex-soldier and cyclist Victoria Lebrec and WEM Trauma Lead & London HEMS Paramedic Eion...View Details

Hello. I’m Anna, an adventurer, speaker and mischief-maker. I get my kicks from exploring the world through long human-powered journeys. On a mission ...View Details

Don’t wait. Start right now.” – Sean Conway . Sean was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in South Africa, but has English and Irish families. Sean believes th...View Details

Jonesy is an adventurer, presenter, documentary producer and motivational speaker. He’s an avid bushwalker, spear-fisherman, Brazilian Jiu jitsu enthu...View Details

Join WEM Trauma Lead Paramedic Eoin Walker to hear from two inspiring pre-hospital clinicians and WEM Faculty, Ollie Neece and Claire Fitchett, and fi...View Details

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