In this episode, we take a look at both sides of the story, as WEM Trauma Lead Eoin Walker shares the stage with Dan Richards, who lost his right arm ...View Details

In this episode, we revisit one of the most popular talks from WEM17, as Mark Byers discusses the rise of terrorist activity in the UK. 

In this episode, we revisit one of #WEM17's most popular talks. Natalie Roberts, Head of Emergency Operations for MSF France, explores her work in con...View Details

In this episode, Karen O'Neill details her role as part of the Save the Children migrant crisis. Listeners will discover the varied, and often difficu...View Details

In this episode, we revisit one of the highlights from #WEM17 - a truly fantastic talk from world record holder and long-distance cycling legend Mark ...View Details

In this episode, medical historian Emily Mayhew looks at how the First World War changed the face of pre-hospital care in Britain. 

Mark Hannaford founder of World Extreme Medicine, talkes to All Things Risk. Listeners will learn about the circumstances that encouraged Mark to cr...View Details

In this episode, CBRN expert Hamish de Bretton Gordon discusses the use of chemical weapons. Listeners will be invited to consider the implications of...View Details

In this episode, Emily Farkas talks about her work as a humanitarian surgeon. Listeners will learn about how she became involved with Cardiac Surgery...View Details

In this episode, Managing Director Mark Hannaford talks to The Hero Forge about our World Extreme Medicine Conference and where it all began.  

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