PHEMCAST - Breaking Bad

** GUEST EPISODE **  This week, we feature another episode from the brilliant pre-hospital podcast 'PHEMCAST', created by Tim Nutbeam and Clare Bosank...View Details

Scott Parazynski - EVA

In this episode, we hear from Scott Parazynski - Astronaut, Climber and Inventor, who takes us through some of his most memorable space crawls. Scott ...View Details

In this episode, infectious diseases expert Derek Sloan discusses the UK contribution to an outbreak of diphtheria in the Rohingya population at the s...View Details

In this episode, Steve Jones discusses both the history and rapid modernisation of expeditions. He also asks some important questions about the future...View Details

Continuing with our All Things Space theme, this week sees Aquanaut Marc O'Griofa explore the importance of analogue missions in the development of pr...View Details

NASA astronaut, Everest climber and prolific inventor, Scott Parazynski, takes to the #WEM18 stage to discuss 'Innovation in Extremes', considering ho...View Details

In this episode, Mike Tipton explores the various aspects of cold exposure - focusing on hypothermia, physical incapacitation and hypothermia as a res...View Details


** GUEST EPISODE ** In this episode, we feature an episode by the pre-hospital podcast 'PHEMCAST', created by Tim Nutbeam and Clare Bosanko. They disc...View Details

In this episode, Nics Witherell and Rin Cobb, who formed part of the record-breaking 'Ice Maidens' team, discuss their incredible expedition across th...View Details

In this episode, we revisit one of the highlights from #WEM18, as Saleyha Ahsan interviews war photographer Paul Conroy. Paul, alongside the brilliant...View Details

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