In this episode, which features one of the highlights from #WEM18, we invite a patient onto the stage, as Victoria LeBrac shares her story following a...View Details

RAF Medical Officer Bonnie Posselt explores the spectrum of analogue environments available to those looking to simulate the risks of a space environm...View Details

Sacha Dench - a.k.a the 'Human Swan', takes to the stage at #WEM19 to discuss her groundbreaking expedition 'Flight of the Swans', which saw her fly b...View Details

In this episode, NASA Astronaut Rick Linnehan discusses what it's like to fly in space, covers some basic space physiology and considers the future of...View Details

In this episode, Gaynor Prince discusses her experiences when executing ultrasound in austere environments. Gaynor describes her time in Antartica, a ...View Details

In this episode, Cat Davison takes us through her recent 8-month peacekeeping deployment in South Sudan, including the medical aspects, the highs and ...View Details

This episode sees Charlie Mize discuss critical care and medical evacuation in the mountains of Bhutan. Charlie talks about his essential role in the ...View Details

In this episode, we revisit one of the most popular talks from #WEM18. Mike Stroud explores how humans respond to extreme environments, using an evolu...View Details

PHEMCAST - Breaking Bad

** GUEST EPISODE **  This week, we feature another episode from the brilliant pre-hospital podcast 'PHEMCAST', created by Tim Nutbeam and Clare Bosank...View Details

Scott Parazynski - EVA

In this episode, we hear from Scott Parazynski - Astronaut, Climber and Inventor, who takes us through some of his most memorable space crawls. Scott ...View Details

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