WEM speaks to course alumni Mariana Carmo about her experience being stranded on a small island community as a humanitarian nurse.   The medical depar...View Details

'It's very hard to be the athlete but also to be objective enough of your own situation to be able to stop'.  This week, World Extreme Medicine Educat...View Details

GP Trainee and World Extreme Medicine Faculty Member Beth Moos joins WEM Trauma Lead Eoin Walker to discuss her work as a GP during the pandemic, but ...View Details

NASA Astronaut Dr Mike Barratt talks to WEM Founder Mark Hannaford about the launch of the first US Astronauts in SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft. "It...View Details

World Extreme Medicine Faculty Member and Paramedic Scott King joins us this week on WEMcast.  Alongside WEM Trauma Lead and fellow Paramedic Eoin Wal...View Details

WEM's Trauma Lead London Paramedic interviews colleague Emma Slator about her experience of working on the frontline response to the COVID-19 pandemic...View Details

In this episode, Dr Will Duffin Education Lead for World Extreme Medicine discusses the concepts of ‘fear-based’ and ‘courage based’ medicine with sen...View Details

Emergency Medicine Consultant and WEM Faculty Member Lucy Coulter joins us this week to discuss her experience working on the frontline in London duri...View Details

'You're not in traffic, you are traffic'.  In this episode, Piers Carter - WEM Faculty, coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker joins WEM Education Le...View Details

'The extreme challenges that will be faced by frontline workers in the coming weeks and months means that behavioural and psychological science has an...View Details

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