Covid in the Philippines

In this *NEW* #WEMCast episode we’re joined by Dr Patricia Gatbonton. Alongside Dr Will Duffin, Patricia discusses the day she met boxer, Manny Pacqui...View Details

Stone Cold Truths 1

“We imagine that people are out skiing and climbing, when actually the majority of people that get caught out in these really could environments is si...View Details

In this episode, WEM Trauma Lead Eoin Walker is joined by Khalil Sayyad Hilario, a security risk management consultant and SAHCO Consulting General Di...View Details

Everyday People Living Inspirational Lives is a podcast that shares the inspirational stories of some amazing people who live in the communities that ...View Details

In this episode, WEM Founder Mark Hannaford, Trauma Lead Eoin Walker and Education Lead Will Duffin come together to discuss their favourite episodes ...View Details

Adapted from the hugely popular WEM Academy Live Session #23, this episode revisits the Military Medicine Careers Panel hosted by WEM Education Lead W...View Details

"Going into hospital to work was no longer just a job, it had become the perfect place to hone the skills that I might need on expedition, in the des...View Details

‘The good thing with adventure racing is you’re often not too far after a low moment, from a high… finding that waterfall… it was by far and away the ...View Details

‘After I got second in Kona, I looked over and… I felt really empty’. In the latest episode of WEMCast, we’re joined by the Iron Cowboy Captain from t...View Details

Originally recorded as a video interview the full visual broadcast can be viewed at the WEM Academy. Please be aware that this a short drop off about ...View Details

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