Dr. Vidar Magnusson is an anesthesiologist, intensivist and EMS physician in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is the current National Medical Director for pre-h...View Details

In this conversation, we talk with Trixton May about his clinical experiences in Takoradi, Ghana. Trixton took himself to Ghana as a second-year para...View Details

Host Stephen Wood and Dr Sanjey Gupta discussed wilderness medicine in the virtual world. Forced to switch content from live and in situ to Zoom, Dr G...View Details

In this episode, WEMCast host Dr Shawna Pandya dives deep into this very question with none other than AstroRN Starr Schroeder, a nurse passionate abo...View Details

In this session host Stephen Wood speaks with Dr Louis Nguyen and Dr Liz Yates, surgeons and researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston...View Details

Host, Stephen Wood and Dr Anne Pringle, a mycologist and botanist, tell the story of the Amanita Phalloides mushroom. This is not a mushroom native to...View Details

Occupational Health is concerned with the impact of health on work and vice versa.  We discuss the key approaches and broad principles in matching an ...View Details

Jocelyn Kelly is the founding director for Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s (HHI) Women in War program, and currently is a fellow at HHI where she de...View Details

In this episode Medical Director Dr Will Duffin welcomes back The Natural Navigator Tristan Gooley to share insights from his latest book ‘The Secret ...View Details

In this episode we chat with Johnathan Povey, Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) turned humanitarian clinician. Johnathan speaks of his multiple ...View Details

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