Host Stephen P. Wood follows up with Luke Huntley, Australian snake catcher, after their discussion during the WEM 2021 conference. Stephen and Luke discuss the training that goes into snake catching as well as the legal requirements to be a certified snake catcher in Australia. Carpet pythons and Eastern Brown snakes are the most common snakes encountered in Luke’s work and Stephen and Luke discuss these animals and Luke’s approach to catching these beautiful creatures. Stephen and Luke explore the relocation of these snakes and some of the scientific data surrounding repatriation. Lastly, Stephen and Luke converse about some of the biggest threats to their survival, which is somewhat of a surprise. The pair finish off with a suggestion of a new side job for Luke, venomous snake wrestling in the UK.


Snake catcher Luke Huntley shares what it’s really like working as a snake catcher in QLD Australia. Snake calls come in at all hours of the day and night, from easy calls when there’s a sleeping python to very dangerous eastern brown snakes that have been riled up by a person or animal. Luke describes how handling technique and experience play such an important role in making the job safer. People’s attitudes towards snakes and how full on this lifestyle can be! Luke has been catching snakes for a large part of his life but has made a career out of it for 6 years now. It's lead to filming opportunities on shows like Bondi vet and of course having an exceptional local reputation and knowledge. All of this and then coming home for a cup of tea with his own collection of Australia’s and indeed the world’s most deadly snakes.

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