For this week's episode, we are going global once again to visit remote medic Lucille Chauveau on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. 

Alongside WEM Founder Mark Hannaford, Lucille talks us through her career as a GP working on a remote island. She considers how working, at times almost in isolation, presents it's own challenges. Lucille explores how her instincts have become a central pillar of her work, as she has to evaluate each patient for the severity of emergency and utilise emergency medevacs only when absolutely necessary. 

Lucille also considers the impact of COVID on the island, from limits on alcohol consumption and curfews to closing the borders early. Lucille also explores the unique challenges that Tahiti presents when preparing for a pandemic, including the cultural differences in the family unit, in which households often comprise 3 generations, to limited resources and the need to be highly organised should COVID positive patients begin presenting. 

The pair also consider Lucille's path from medical school to highly-mobile GP. Lucille details how much of the effort and time put into goes unseen, as being an adventurer is a career path you must carve for yourself. Lucille offers her top tips for young medics looking to break into this unique industry. The key to success is finding something you believe in and are truly passionate about - this will keep you focused on the end goal - and keep you motivated during the late nights and early starts. 



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Photo Credit: @florian_ledoux_photographer 



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