"Going into hospital to work was no longer just a job, it had become the perfect place to hone the skills that I might need on expedition, in the desert or on the side of a mountain. Expedition medicine gives me a renewed sense of purpose, and it has helped me to become a far better, and, more importantly, a far happier doctor".
In this episode, WEM Founder Mark Hannaford chats to Nathan Hudson-Peacock about how he found his 'why’, and why it’s so important to his work as a medic. 
Nathan takes us through his journey from a disillusioned junior doctor, stuck on the treadmill like so many others, to a doctor that has travelled the world - from the Sahara Desert to the Himalayas of Northern Pakistan, and has become a passionate advocate for a career in medicine - sharing some of his top tips for those that also want to break the mould...
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