In this episode, Dr Will Duffin Education Lead for World Extreme Medicine discusses the concepts of ‘fear-based’ and ‘courage based’ medicine with senior leader and clinician Dr Kathy Ryan. Kathy is the Medical Director of Brisdoc Healthcare Services, the largest provider of primary care services including Integrated Urgent Care in the greater Bristol area, UK. 
Kathy is passionate about how we hold clinical risk and make good decisions and promotes ‘courage based medicine’ in everything that she does. There is a pressing need for this dialogue as we adapt to new working practices in the pandemic. The last medical, academic paper we could find on courage dates back to 1909! (Courage and Medicine, The Lancet)
We explore:

What has lead to a climate of fear in frontline healthcare

What it is we are all afraid of

Why being courageous is not about heroism or being fearless

Some of Kathy’s most challenging clinical dilemmas

How you can be sued twice and practice with even more courage than before

Perfectionism and when this meets the reality of coalface healthcare

How do I know when confidence becomes overconfidence?

The power of self-compassion

Whether appraisal is a valuable tool for self-awareness or an endless paper machine of competent doctors proving they are competent

How you can explore fear and courage within your own clinical team

You can watch this episode on the WEM Academy.
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