In this podcast, Dr Jen Sherman is joined by Belinda Kirk, explorer, author and speaker.

Belinda is an explorer and a leading campaigner for the promotion of the benefits of adventure on wellbeing. For the past twenty-five years, she has led dozens of international expeditions and remote filming trips. In 2009, Belinda established Explorers Connect, a non-profit organisation connecting people to adventure and has encouraged 30,000 ordinary people to engage in outdoor challenges. In 2020 she launched the first conference to explore the positive impact that adventurous activity has on wellbeing. Her latest venture is her book ‘Adventure Revolution: the life-changing power of choosing challenge’ which is due for release this summer.

In this episode Jen and Belinda discuss the following:

  • How her own relationship with adventure began
  • Her experiences as an expedition leader
  • The role of adventure and expeditions in positive personal transformation
  • How we can use adventurous experiences to enhance wellbeing in ourselves and others
  • The inspiration behind Explorers Connect and how it has helped people to live more adventurously
  • Inspiration and intention behind writing her book Adventure Revolution
  • How Belinda defines adventure and how important adversity and challenge are in this context
  • How adventure helps us to re-connect with nature

If you are interested in Belinda’s book it is due for release in early August and is available from all major retailers.

If you are interested in connecting with Belinda, she can be reached through her website or through email at

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