"Just when we think we've reached the limit of human endurance, someone shatters the records" (Lewis Hugh). 


Super-human Sarah Thomas joins us this week to discuss her incredible career as an open-water swimmer. 

Alongside WEM Education Lead Will Duffin, Sarah explores how she transitioned from competitive pool-based racing to the freedom of open-water swimming, and the unique challenges this presents. 

From calm lakes to chaotic shipping channels, Sarah then explains the reasoning behind her decision to try and conquer the English Channel, but not just once. Sarah explores the journey from conception to completion - from assembling a crack-team of supporters to preparing for water-specific injuries and illnesses that could occur, including hypothermia and pulmonary edema. The pair also consider the highs and the lows of Sarah's record-breaking endurance attempt, from nausea and fatigue to the mindfulness that time in the water offers. 

Sarah discusses the impact of her cancer diagnosis on her life, and how swimming offered her the chance to take back control during a period of uncertainty. 


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